To “AGE WELL” you “MUST DO” Strength Training!

To Age Well you must do Strength Training to Maximise the Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres of your Muscles!

The only difference between a vibrant 18 y/o and keeping that vibrancy throughout life is maintaining fast twitch muscle fibres with a strength training regime!

Strength training maintains the explosive muscle fibres, these are also known as Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres and Type 2 Muscle Fibres!

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It’s SPEED we lose first, then STRENGTH and then SIZE!

Strength, Stability, Aerobic Efficiency and Aerobic Peak are considered by Dr Peter Attia to be the 4 PILLARS of EXERCISE, reaching a specific level in each pillar secures long lasting quality of life! Free weights and maximum heart rate are the precursors!

A Pull-Up or Chin-Up (depending on hand position) are advanced exercises for strengthening the upper body and they stand out from most other back or bicep exercises because they:

– Impact multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously.
– Have many variations
– Are easy to make progress with
– Improve your physique
– Develop grip strength
– Decreases the risk of joint or tendon injuries and
– Are very convenient

Read the EAT for meal planning and nutritional guidance!

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Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups are climbing movements, even when we aren’t climbing our climbing muscles play an essential roles in all movements and promote:
– Posture
– Spinal Stability and
– Metabolic Rate

Back muscles are a large percentage of your lean muscle mass and only secondary in volume to leg muscles!

Stronger Back Muscles Provide:
– Core and Torso Stabilisation
– Toning and Definition
– Gains in Lean Muscle Mass
– Higher Metabolic Rates