5 Ways “How To” Control Your Hunger!

5 Ways “How To” Control Your Hunger!

1. Consume Protein:
Protein satisfies hunger better than carbohydrates or fats, it also affects your brain chemistry in a way that helps you feel satisfied and mentally sharp.

2. Fill up with watery, high-fibre foods:
Water and fibre don’t contain calories, they’re also bulky and take up more space in your stomach to help fill you up. Most veggies (except the starchy ones like potatoes, corn, and peas) have very few calories per serving because they contain so much water and fibre.

3. Exercise and activity help control hunger:
Movement, work, bouts of exercise and even conversations suppress the hunger hormones and curb your appetite.
To sustain activity however, your body needs to be fuelled. Sometimes, in an effort to lose weight, people cut their calories too much and just don’t have the energy to keep going, this does cause the process to backfire!
Some people feel as if exercise makes them hungry and leads them to eat more, that’s usually because they haven’t fuelled up properly before or even after their workout. Strength and weight training increases your metabolic rate and doesn’t generate the appetite that high repetition cardio training does!

4. Drinking fluids helps you feel less hungry:
Drinking fluids with your meals makes your meals more filling. Some people even confuse thirst with hunger, so they wind up eating instead of drinking. If you stay hydrated that won’t happen.

5. Eating Low GI meals helps curb your appetite too:
They keep your blood sugar level stable. Spikes in blood sugar levels cause your hunger to spike too.

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