Reverse Lunges are Better than Forward Lunges

Reverse Lunges activate your Core, Glutes and Hamstrings!
They’re “IDEAL” for people with Knee concerns, difficulty Balancing or less Hip Mobility! This’ because they put less Stress on your Joints and generate more Stability especially in the front or Lead Leg!
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The “Reverse Lunge” sometimes called a “Step-Back Lunge” is an under-appreciated variation of popular leg exercises.
– The Walking Lunge
– Dynamic Forward Lunge
– Split Squat
– Lateral Lunge and
– Clock Lunges
Are all adequate ways to strengthen leg musculature, however, the Reverse Lunge should be at the top of your Lunge variation list!
Reverse Lunges are superior to Forward Lunges because backward momentum keeps the body in the ideal lunge position along with more body weight on the front or lead heel for optimal knee tracking!
During a Forward Lunge, momentum shifts the centre of gravity too far forward, placing body weight on the ball of the lead foot rather than its heel, this tends to move the leading front knee forward over or beyond the toe knuckles of the lead foot! In this position the quads apply too much pressure, while the glutes and hamstrings lose leverage and power, often causing knee pain, the calf is also more contracted during the Forward Lunge, illustrating that more pressure is toward the toe, compromising the knee.
The Reverse Lunge is also great for developing an athletic lower body, perfect for any sport requiring speed and power!
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