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The health benefits of building more lean muscle far exceed achieving a desired body image.

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Statistically we begin losing lean muscle mass at the age of 25. By the age of 40 our lean muscle mass decreases by about 8% per decade until the age of 70 when it starts to decrease at 15% per decade.

The stronger your muscles are the more easily you:

  • Lift the ones you love,
  • Enjoy sport and recreational pursuits,
  • Carry items at work or you’ve shopped for,
  • Maintain and secure balance on uneven surfaces,
  • Align your knees, hips, shoulders and spine!

Increasing your lean muscle mass a little:

  • Increases your metabolic rate,
  • Helps control blood sugar levels,
  • Manages body fat percentage,
  • Develops self-confidence,
  • Improves bone density!

The physical health benefits of strength training are incredible!

Building muscle helps manage body fat

Few organs burn more calories by weight than muscle does. Your brain can, however it’s not possible to grow a bigger brain in order to burn more calories. 

Building more muscle mass is the best option to burn more calories and boost your metabolism!

If your metabolic rate drops it becomes more and more difficult to prevent accumulating body fat. Cutting back on calorie intake with an underperforming metabolism only leads to further muscle loss and further slowing of your metabolic rate.

Adding cardiovascular training on top of a reduced-calorie diet further speeds the rate of muscle loss!

More muscle helps control blood sugar.

Strength training increases the size of type II muscle fibres; this provides more storage space for carbohydrates which in turn reduces blood sugar levels.

Insulin resistance develops when the body’s blood sugar levels remain elevated for prolonged periods of time. The only two places sugar can be stored in our body is in the liver and in our muscles. The liver has a small capacity and although our muscle storage is also limited you can always build more muscle to create more storage space for blood sugar.

One of the reasons people experience rises in blood sugar levels as they age is due to loss of muscle.

More muscle improves bone density.

Stimulating our bodies by putting them under loads and subjecting them to resistance maximises bone density levels. Like muscles, when bones encounter heavy resistance their density actually increases.

Increasing your body muscle mass balance around major joints actually improves some forms of arthritis.

Strong muscles almost always translate to strong bones.

MOVE to gain muscle strength after a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session at  guzzFit

Tone, Define, Sculpt and Transform your body muscles to achieve the result you want “When You Want”!
  • Moving forwards, backwards, side to side or in a combination of those moves requires core activation, balance and posture.
  • Dynamic actions that have functional purposes should be performed with stability and control before speeding them up to achieve remarkable transformations!
  • Movement patterns put certain sections of your body into action at different increments of time, if you combine this with a direction and a rotating force you’ll generate fast, powerful movements.
  • Core activation and the way you generate friction, impact and thrusts off the surface of the ground will improve your balance and stability.
Rejigging Movement Patterns and Sequences Provides Technical Progressions for Amazing Achievements;
  • Sports specific adaptions, progressions and improvements,
  • Ease of functional movement at home and in your workplace,
  • Increased enjoyment and efficiency at recreational pursuits.

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Fitness Motivation

Be Your Best At The Sharp End Of Each Week! Train on the days you’re likely to find an excuse not to;

Motivation is key! Finding a reason to be at your best for a sport or activity once a week is a fantastic way to motivate frequency and regularity into your training regime! 

How do you motivate yourself into the next fitness training session in your week?

During a guzzFitFREE” Trial Fitness Training Session you can discover underlying motives and methods to be at your best when you need to be!

Functional Movement

This Super Functional Exercise Movement Pattern puts phenomenal muscle groups to work to progress your body with both function and efficiency!

What most people get wrong in this particular exercise is the direction required to make it both functional and sports specific!

  • Relating to the image; step backwards with your right foot to begin each repetition from the lowest point of a back lunge
  • With your core fully active drive your right leg up and forward whilst elevating a weight up a high as you can

MOVE better after a guzzFit “FREE” Trial Fitness Training Session!