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guzzFit Group Fitness, Boxing Classes & Personal Training Sessions are scheduled with a highly tailored approach & run by local Coogee personal trainers.
We make this individualised effort to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of every fitness training session for our clients.
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guzzFIT personal training and group fitness prices Shirin

guzzFit programs are individually tailored with;

  • pictorial instructions,
  • literary instructions,
  • video clip demonstrations,
  • sets, reps, tempo, rest times and time fill efforts and
  • the day and time that you should give the program a go.

​This makes them easy to follow when you can’t train with us and the programs can be read on any smart device too.​

guzzFit programs achieve goals like:

  • increasing speed, intensity and agility,
  • preventing sore joints and injuries,
  • raise your metabolic rate,
  • reduce your body fat %,
  • allow you to gain muscle and
  • provide stomach and gut health.

​​In your fitness regime at the fastest possible rate.

  • guzzFit programs suit the facility you’re planning to train at and the equipment there.
  • guzzFit recovery programs contain foam roller, stretch release and postural muscle activation methods to improve your rest and recovery.
  • guzzFit eating guides outline meal balance and the names of different ingredients that you should seek to include within meals, these programs also provide recipes and balanced meal examples so your nutrition and daily energy needs are maintained.

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