Lat Pulldown Posture Core Metabolic Rate

The “Lat Pulldown” is an Exceptional Exercise for Strengthening the Broadest Muscle of your Back!

guzzFit Promotes:
– Good Posture
– Spinal Stability and
– Increases in Metabolic Rate!

Back muscles are a large percentage of your lean muscle mass and only secondary in volume to leg muscles!

Stronger Back Muscles Provide:
– Core and Torso Stabilisation
– Toning and Definition
– Gains in Lean Muscle Mass
– Higher Metabolic Rates

It’s mostly the Latissimus Doris being worked during a Lat Pulldown Exercise, a strong Latissimus Dorsi muscle optimises the transverse plane of motion for greater rotating powers enhancing sports prowess!

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– Fitness Results
– Increased Lean Muscle Mass
– Reduced Body Fat
– Raised Metabolic Rate
– Strength and Power
– Hunger Management
– Digestive Tract Health
– Sports Agility, Joint Function and Speed of Movement!

Weight loss makes your body feel great. It boosts your mood and mental health.
In a study of older adults 3 months after a significant weight loss they reported less tension, depression, anger, and fatigue!

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