Ocean Swim Benefits Strength Training

It’s Absolutely a Good Idea to Ocean Swim after Strength Training!
Ocean swimming improves your overall health and wellness, the magnesium found in saltwater and sunshine helps relax muscles, reduce stress and relieve muscle aches, pains and soreness.
The cooling water also soothes sore muscles, swimming is a great form of cardio which complements a weightlifting regimen!
You’re more likely to achieve better results, especially if you’re planning to burn belly fat if you go for an ocean swim after strength training!
Improve your Fitness Training Regime with a guzzFit Strength Training session on Coogee Beach followed by a swim in the invigorating ocean!
So Many Health Benefits Coming To You All At Once!
Saltwater is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help speed up the process of recovery and muscle fatigue. Saltwater is filled with all sorts of minerals and benefits for your skin, such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium and sulphate.
Try a refreshing change of scenery with the soothing sound of waves, the vast ocean and the sensation of weightlessness in a serene environment that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Being in nature has been shown to enhance mood and increase feelings of well-being, making ocean swimming a great way to improve mental health too.
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