Merry Christmas Personal Training Voucher

Get a “Christmas Gift” for yourself or someone you care about!

With 5 x 60min guzzFit Personal Training Sessions for “JUST” $240 you can be trained in our gym at “The Spot”, outdoors at Coogee Beach or at our admin gym on Mount St Coogee!

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Strength, Stability, Aerobic Efficiency and Aerobic Peak are considered by Dr Peter Attia to be the 4 PILLARS of EXERCISE, reaching a specific level in each pillar secures long lasting quality of life!

Free weights and maximum heart rate are the precursors!

The only difference between a vibrant 18 y/o and maintaining that in life is having a strength training regime!

It’s SPEED we lose first, then STRENGTH, followed by METABOLIC RATE and then WELLBEING!

Increasing muscle strength provides better balance and coordination, enhances your ability to do everyday chores, activities and recreation.

Weight training with good form and range of motion improves joint alignment and joint stability to reduce pain and injury.

Strength training raises your basal metabolic rate (BMR) so you burn more calories at rest and even more when you’re moving!

Gaining 2kgs of lean muscle mass increases your BMR 300 calories a day, then during exercise or daily functional movement that extra 300 calories per day snowballs into many more burnt calories!

A variety of aerobic, muscle strengthening and balance training as an older adult improves enjoyment of life and physical function whilst decreasing the risk of disease and injury from a fall.

Send us a message in the contact form to receive a printed gift voucher!