Meal Balance Eating and Recovery

Meal Balance Starts with Knowing the 3 Macronutrients!!

– Proteins; the building blocks of your body. Pretty much all lean (non-fat) tissue in your body is comprised of protein, therefore it’s the most important macronutrient.

– Fats; an important part of the diet that can also provide the body with energy. While some types of dietary fats may be healthier than others, fats are an essential inclusion in your diet for their role in hormone production, cell growth, energy storage, and the absorption of important vitamins.

– Carbohydrates; the primary energy source for the brain. The body can break carbohydrates down into glucose, which moves from the bloodstream into the body’s cells to allow them to function. Carbohydrates are important for muscle contraction during intense exercise, maintaining body temperature, keeping the heart beating, and digesting food.

We offer a   guzzFit “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session to make a fitness plan that includes:
– (EAT) Nutrition
– (REST) Recovery
– (MOVE) Exercise

The “(EAT) Nutrition” component of your plan includes gauging macronutrient volumes with pie charts or sections of your hand to simplify volume sizes,

Other important meal balance numbers are;
– Grams of fibre
– GI levels
– Metabolically available nutrients
– Amounts of good bacteria and
– The health destructive or anti-nutrients within the meal!

Shape and sculpt your body during a “FREE” Trial Fitness Training session, call Matt on 0415 811 228, Shirin on 0415 859 426 or do further reading on the guzzFit EAT page to hear of replacing 1 or 2 meals a day with 180 Protein+ Superfood Blend to fast track your fitness goals, buy 25serves for $52 from Coogee Fine Foods opposite Woolworths in the Coogee Bay Rd Shopping Centre.