Lateral Side Raise Shoulder Training

The “Lateral Side Raise” doesn’t receive the same accolade as other Resistance Training Exercises!

The middle or lateral deltoid isn’t a very large muscle, therefore training it doesn’t provide a massive amount of Metabolic Gain, Postural, Functional or Sporting enhancement “HOWEVER” Toned, Sculptured Shoulder Deltoids look great on Females and Males!

Having said all that, Developed Shoulder Deltoid muscles “DO” allow you to hold your arms up with loads for extented periods of time and holding weight in your hands with your arms raised definitely enhances your ability to perform chores, sports and workplace efforts!

While exercises such as overhead presses and upright rows will certainly engage the side (lateral/medial) deltoid head, no movement “isolates” this area as effectively as “Lateral Side Raises”.

When performing each repetition of this exercise you should keep your index finger knuckle lower than your little finger knuckle throughout the lift, like hanging onto a couple of jugs of water and pouring the water out at an even pour rate throughout the lift as well as throughout the return or lowering phase before performing the following rep!

The Lateral Side Raise resistance training exercise completed with good form creates very attractive toned and sculptured arms and shoulders!

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