HIIT is Better than Steady-State Cardio

Most people burn more calories in a 20-minute HIIT workout than they do performing steady-state cardio or constant strength training for 45mins. HIIT also fast tracks gains in lung capacity, blood flow and stamina.

In the past steady-state training was the cardio norm. You’d head outside or hit the treadmill for a walk or run, and stay at about the same moderate intensity for the duration of the workout.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a better way!
HIIT involves changing intensity by working harder for certain intervals, then with less intensity for subsequent shorter intervals.
These workouts can give you more results in less time!

HIIT involves pushing your body out of its comfort zone for anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes, depending on the workout you’re doing. The idea is to work at about 80% to 95% of your maximum heart rate or a level 9 to 10 on the perceived exertion chart, also known as your rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

Each work set is followed by a recovery period that is shorter. You alternate work and rest intervals depending on your fitness level, time constraints, and goals.

HIIT Training Improves:
– Performance
– Insulin sensitivity
– Post training calorie burn
– Heart health

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