It’s Important for PERSONAL TRAINERS to observe how “FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS” are influenced by 3 PLANES OF MOTION:
– Sagittal
– Frontal &
– Transverse

1. The “SAGITTAL” plane of motion is like the 2D movement of a DVD disc on its skinny end rolling forward, backward or bouncing up and down in a straight line

2. The “FRONTAL” plane of motion is like that same DVD disc turned 90º on it’s end to make a cross hair to how it began then rolling or bouncing that way in a straight line

3. The “TRANSVERSE plane” of motion is like another DVD disc sitting flat within your body like a turntable that allows your upper body to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise whilst your lower body remains still or vice versa

With all 3 planes active we can move in 3D to achieve “Functional Movement Patterns”

Below I’ve described how the CABLE SINGLE ARM HIGH TO LOW ROW exercise “(1HiLoRw)” benefits you in each of the specific planes listed above:

1. (1HiLoRw) SAGITTAL PLANE active muscles prevent shoulder impingement , protect the shoulder during contact sport, improve posture and increase arm retraction speed

2. (1HiLoRw) FRONTAL PLANE active muscles are isometric, core and postural holds for physical stability to prevent being moved off choice position during contact sport

3. (1HiLoRw) TRANSVERSE PLANE active muscles are core, Lats and isometric holds that prevent rotating movement at the shoulder and spine to defend efforts to be moved off choice position in contact sport and provide a counter role to obtain better position by actively rotating your torso clockwise or anticlockwise from a stable footing, an untapped power taught in eastern block boxing and martial arts

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