Eastern Suburbs, Bondi, Queens Park and Tamarama Host Personal Training Professionals

There’s a new personal training company in town. Well, actually, we’re not new, but we’re certainly getting hard to ignore. If you’re looking for personal training in Bondi, Queens Park, Tamarama or elsewhere in the Eastern Suburbs, you might want to pay attention. This article is for you.

Our name is guzzFit , and our mission is to raise the bar for innovative and involved personal training in the Eastern Suburbs. It’s not difficult to find someone who will take your money and yell at you while you work out, but that’s not what real personal training should be about. Good personal trainers are in tune to your needs. They pay attention. They spend their time strategising like master chess players to develop comprehensive plans to help you navigate the often complicated pathway to peak physical and spiritual well-being. With over ten years’ worth of satisfied clients and locations you can reach from Queens Park, Tamarama or Bondi, guzzFit is committed to making sure that you have access to some of the most effective and nuanced personal training in Sydney.

Personal Training Tamarama

Up Close and Personal

You should never hear the term “generic training”. Instead, we want to understand how you work. That way, we can build a plan for your sessions that assists you in achieving the absolute most through exercise. You don’t want to be putting yourself in pain or working hard for nothing, after all.

A professional fitness trainer should know just how much tension to put into each one of your muscles to avoid injury and imbalances while facilitating the fastest possible development of your body. That’s certainly our philosophy at guzzFit . We’re more than just drill sergeants. We don’t motivate through fear or intimidation. We’re right there beside you every step of the way, encouraging you to reach the very height of your potential. When you take a personal training session with us, we’re constantly in the process of refining our approach in helping you get the most out of the time you spend with us.

Location, Location, Location

You don’t want to waste time on your commute when you could be enjoying a workout, either. Guess how many calories you burn sitting in your car at a traffic signal? It’s not a tricky question. The answer is zero. And trying to keep your balance while standing on a bus doesn’t count as a coordination exercise. Sorry to burst your bubble.

That’s why guzzFit has added new locations over the years, expanding from our home base in Coogee Beach to include two indoor facilities and additional outdoor locations throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Maybe you want personal training in Queens Park. Maybe you want personal training in Tamarama. Wherever you are, we’re certain there’s a place for us to meet you easily and get you on the fast track to fitness.


Personal training with guzzFit helps unite your instincts, mind, body and soul in the pursuit of a new and you. This pursuit is an invigorating experience that will whet your appetite for self-improvement and help you develop habits that will serve you for the rest of your long, healthy life.

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