EOFY Special 2 x 60min PT for $99

Call Shirin on 0415 859 426 or contact her via shirin@guzzFIT.com today!

“Health is wealth” here are 8 areas I specialise in:
– Pilates infused core strengthening,
– Muscle building,
– HIIT fitness training,
– Stretching, mobility and breathing,
– Assessing posture,
– Eating guidance and weight loss support,
– Goal results and mindset,
– Injury rehab and prevention,

My nature motivates positive thought, I inspire those I train to reach their fitness goals in a friendly supportive way,
Health and fitness has become a serious focus in my own life,
As a fitness trainer I fully understand how amazing the benefits of exercise are, I really enjoy helping others find movement patterns that give them a sense of fulfilment,
I’m an energetic person capable of strengthening your mind and channeling your daily actions,

I’m the ideal trainer for you if…
– You’re willing to put the work in to get results,
– You need a accountability partner to push you further,
– You want to move and train better,
Please contact me on 0415 859 426 or via shirin@guzzFIT.com before June 30th for 2 x 60min PT session for just $99!