Scapula Myofascial Foam Roller Release

Scapula Myofascial Foam Roller Release
Self-myofascial release (SMR) aims to increase the pliability of restricted fascia (tough connective tissue) to decrease pain, increase flexibility and performance, improve soft tissue health and healing.
We often prescribe scapula (shoulder blade) self-myofascial release therapy with a foam roller using a technique taught to us by Angelo Castiglione who developed his expertise during stints providing rehab, prehab and conditioning development to the English Premier League team Liverpool and the UEFA Champions League team A.C. Milan,
Pain under a shoulder blade can be very annoying, movement usually makes the pain worst, often after a good night sleep the pain is still there.
The best method to resolve pain in, or around a shoulder blade is using a foam roller sequence of self-myofascial release.
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