Managing Hunger Throughout Your Day!

Being hungry is frustrating and makes it difficult to maintain your weight or stick to a diet plan. 
“Hunger” is often out of boredom rather than a physical need. If however you’re truly hungry, there are things you can do to decrease hunger.
Because there’s a variety of reasons outside true physical hunger that can cue you to eat a good starting point is a quick self scan!
Self Scan:
1. You may “feel hungry” when you’re not actually physically hungry, this can be from being bored, thirsty, upset, stressed, or just in mood for a tasty snack.
2. Did your last meal contain the amounts identified in the Meal Balance Chart above? 
A balanced meal provides satiety! The inclusion of sufficient protein especially post workout is very important, protein is involved in many important roles in your body. A notable thing about protein is that it makes you feel satisfied longer in comparison to other food ingredients (cravings are reduced).
3. Do you have a planned snack with you? 180nutrition Protein+ Superfood Blend is the perfect snack, it contains 9 natural ingredients that mixed in a glass of water provide protein, good fat and fibre, we consider the macro nutrient values within a serve of 180nutrition Protein+ Superfood Blend to be an exceptional meal replacement!
4. Fibrous foods require more chewing, this slows your rate of ingestion and helps you feel more satisfied. Fibre is also bulky so you feel physically fuller.
5. Can you delay your next meal time, remaining calm or distracting yourself with an activity often results in cravings or the desire to eat dissipating.
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7. Read our guidelines on the guzzFit EAT page