Head Position whilst Performing a Push-Up is Vital!

Your workplace and many entertainment pastimes lead to bad posture. They take us into a foetal position whilst sitting in a hunched over position more often than standing upright!

The alignment of your entire spine and how it influences your pelvis, shoulders and neck is crucial to quality of life.
Mobility, strength and injury prevention are derived from maintaining a neutral spine!

Holding a neutral spine centralises the major joints of your body, poor alignment causes neck and lower back pain!

Placing a broom handle or wooden pole on;
– The back of your head,
– Between your shoulder blades and
– The point your spine joins your pelvis as demonstrated in this video provides surprising guidance towards holding a neutral spine including correct neck alignment!

Stretching the muscles along the front of your body and strengthening the ones in the back of your body also helps you to hold a neutral spine so you can:
– Stand up straighter
– Prevent back and neck pain
– Decrease the frequency and severity of headaches and
– Increase energy levels
Correct posture reduces muscle tension for greater energy levels and an improved lifestyle!

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