We Coach the Eastern European School of Boxing

At guzzFit we incorporate the Eastern European school of boxing into all the fitness training sessions we schedule involving boxing!
The Eastern European school of boxing contains a lot of in-and-out movements, rather than always being aggressive or constantly running away. 
The technique emphasises a cleaner posture by standing more upright and avoiding being hunched over in a lazy posture! 
The approach provides “slickster” defence along with defensive “rolling” movements,
We were taught the Eastern European school of boxing technique by “Alex Kiss” a very successful professional Hungarian boxer who made a name for himself here in Australia in the 90’s!
We prefer the Eastern European boxing technique because of it’s higher level of core activation, “something of a must” in order to execute more powerful punches and defensive pushes of your opponent when seeking to position them in a boxing ring!
This boxing technique is the only boxing technique I know of that incorporates the incredible transverse plane of movement in order to execute moves and punches from a secure solid footing
Holding a neutral spine and solid pelvis position with impeccable foot positioning reduces injury whilst increasing speed and power!
The prominence of Eastern European boxing on a world scale is testament to the technique!
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