Boxing has Become a Rising Trend for Women because it’s Highly Effective for Physical Conditioning

Boxing has become a rising trend for women because it’s highly effective for physical conditioning and has great emotional and mental benefits.

The fun factor within a fitness training session is important. Fun workouts keep you coming back again for more!

We know when negative feelings remain they lead to depression and psychological problems. Boxing is the best sport for letting go of negative feelings, endorphins are released whilst boxing, these are the hormones that offset anxiety.

Boxing is an intense-movement activity that involves coordinated footwork whilst reacting and moving to the ever changing position of the boxing mitts, this develops functional muscle strength and improves physical and mental balance.

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“BOXING” means punching, ducking and jumping your way into greater fitness along with huge kilojoule burns. Punching, jumping and agility requires a surprising amount of whole body strength.

Boxing is a full-body shaping workout, it offers the perfect mix of muscle-building strength with kilojoule-burning cardio, you’ll always work up a sweat!

Boxing improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, reaction times and gives greater mental clarity!

Getting out your anger and stress punching aways at mitts makes you feel better.
Hitting mitts with a partner releases huge doses of endorphins. You’ll get a kick out of hitting harder and faster every workout!